Monday, December 5, 2011

Our first time..

Domina and I visited a BDSM club/dungeon for the first this past Saturday. It was more of an information gathering and observation visit since neither of us had never been to one before. The club had an educational session followed by a demonstration of a violet wand as well as dungeon play afterward. I believe Domina was very interested as it would give her ample opportunity to revel in her slave's humiliation. They had many wonderful aspects to the main dungeon as well as several separate additional rooms. My mind was racing with the possibilities as I hoped Domina's was...spanking benches, suspension cube, a shower area, a chain web, so many ways for Domina to restrain me and beat me and humiliate me. I fantasized immediately about her taking me to the make-up room and dressing me as her panty boy and then leading me out on her leash to the main dungeon.... I cannot wait to go back and I know Domina is fantasizing about it as well.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back from the Holiday

...and I am back at her feet, collar on and Domina with leash in hand and things are back to normal finally. We just returned home today and I couldn't wait to be groveling on the floor for her. Domina had her cock locked up all week and only unlocked it tonight for cleaning and she has decided to keep it unlocked for tonight. When this happens I am extremely fearful of having an accident as her cock is in new territory as far as abstinence is concerned. Her cock has never gone this long without cumming and the last thing I want is to disappoint her.

Also, I cannot contain my absolute joy, fear and anticipation for this Saturday. We are finally taking the step of attending a local lifestyle event. I cannot express what a wonderful and HUGE step this is for us and I can't wait..except I am also scared of what may happen from this point on. However that's what makes my submission to Domina meaningful. I will do whatever she asks no matter my trepidation. I am hers.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A HUGE distraction

...but proud to say Domina and I are completely dedicated to me being her pet. I had to travel a few weeks ago and for the trip I had to pack a bag. This means that Domina always requires me to take some items with me and she really wanted me to work on the Ass of Spades butt plug that we have had for some time. I wanted more than anything to take this for Domina and I did to my great satisfaction...and unfortunately to my great disappointment and pain. It was too big and I was blind to it in my euphoria in taking more for my Domina. It caused me great pain and discomfort for weeks and I am still not 100% recovered but close. During all of this though we have never wavered, even with a weekend trip with friends where Domina allowed me to touch her. She even let me inside her which I was VERY thankful for since I never know when or where that will happen. Also, I know that she understood that I was in extreme pain and discomfort but that she was tracking all of the housework that she was being subjected to for future punishments. Thankfully I am now fully locked away again, able to perform my duties and spending the evenings at Domina's feet with my collar on and her leash attached and in hand.

And the cum counter is accurate. Domina's cock has not cum in almost 60 days and from Domina's comments she cannot see me doing anything to warrant her allowing it to happen any time soon. We will not get a chance to have a pet's punishment/Domina's pleasure session for a couple of weeks due to visiting family for the holiday.

I am also adding pics from the last pleasure session Domina had. She pulled out the clothespins for the first time in a long time and applied them to her cock. Also, she loves to dress me in lingerie even if it is just a top. I have to say it makes me excited when she does this as I am HER panty boy.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Domina's basement

This past week I spent half the nights sleeping at Domina's feet until she would get cold and allow me to warm her bed. On Saturday we finally returned to Domina's basement dungeon and she was quite excited to try out a new purchase. Domina had bought some new accessories for her E-Stim enjoyment, straps with contacts to wrap around her cock. Domina had me strapped to the wall and continually shocked her cock while beating my ass. It was quite a challenging experience and she was going to make sure of it. She spent A LOT of time beating my ass and thighs since she hadn't had me strapped down for so long. I bit down and took everything she wanted to give me...and then she turned me around and beat her cock as well. I know she is getting me ready to show off in front of others and must make sure I am truly her Pain Toy. I hope I have shown her that I am ready! I also treasured the rewards Domina gave me- sniffing her ass, sharing her bed and she even stroked her cock briefly the next morning before locking it back up!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It didn't last..

My euphoria from earlier in the week didn't last. Domina looked a little closer at some of the other cleaning assignments she gave me and was most...displeased. I was back in the cage Wednesday night. I am not able to stay asleep in the cage all night, and I end up thrashing and shivering enough that Domina feels she must release me and allow me in to her bed to warm up and shut me up. She had to do this Wednesday night, decided to allow me in her bed Thursday to be rested for work but then had to repeat the process after locking me in last night. I KNOW she is tiring of this and I am afraid of what her solution will be. Will she move my cage elsewhere so she doesn't have to deal with me? I do know Domina will enjoy enacting her corporal punishments tonight.

A realization came crashing down on me this morning. Domina's bathroom has a stand-up shower with glass enclosure right next to the jacuzzi tub. Since we were in a hurry I was showering and Domina was bathing at the same time. She was reading a book and could not see me as I was standing there mesmerized by the site of her parted legs and pussy. It dawned on me that I hadn't actually been allowed to see her pussy in many weeks. I quickly turned my head and finshed my shower as Domina's cock strained against the chastity.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cleaning for Domina and being rewarded!

I had Monday off as a holiday and I was able to finish some tasks that Domina set for me. I worked HARD to get everything completed for her, I payed special attention to vacumming and wiping down the inside of Domina's car as she was adament this be done. I absolutely love being able to clean naked for her whenever possible. I only wish she was able to watch over me while I do it.

When she came home she checked on my work and leaned into my ear "I am VERY pleased with your work pet, you will be rewarded tonight". Oh, how happy I was!!!!!!

Later as I was kneeling at the side of her bed in my panties she revealed her reward for me. "Tonight slave not only do you get to sleep in my bed but you also get to fuck me with the big dick...Mmmmm" she purred. I couldn't have been happier! I could not ask for a better reward than having a hand in helping my Domina to orgasm! I even felt a little bold and begged if I could lick her pussy some before fucking her but she simply laughed "You haven't earned THAT much pet."

I'm satisified to say that I helped her cum twice with her favorite big cock. She came very hard and was very pleased. She even pulled me close and petted me for awhile. :) I've attached the picture of the kinda of dick Domina needs and the one she owns.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Cock Beating.

All Domina wished to do was to beat her cock. There was no counting, there was no "only this many more". There was simply her cane on her cock mixed in with some E-Stim.

I gritted my teeth on the ball ball gag and endured. I begged her for more every step of the way.

As promised I was locked in the cage again all night. She purchased new Master locks just for her cage.